How Can You Get Your Organization Prepared For ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 is the international standard that sets out the criteria for an Effective Framework for Environmental Management. This offers a structure that an organization, rather than setting environmental performance standards, should obey. Being in the same family as ISO 14000, ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard accredited by organizations.

Any organization that wants to set up improves or maintains an environmental management system in accordance with the environmental policy and requirements should be using ISO 14001:2015. The ISO 14001 requirements can be integrated into any environmental management program, the degree to which is determined by many factors including business, environmental policy, goods and service offerings, and location of the organization. ISO 14001:2015 applies to all organizations, irrespective of size, location, sector or industry.

Implementing the standard

The first step toward obtaining certification should be to write the required documented information and set up processes of your environmental management system. After completing and implementing these operational activities, you will perform an internal audit to test the successful implementation, perform a management review and carry out the required corrective steps to comply with all of the standard's clauses.


Certification audits usually consist of two distinct stages. In stage 1, the auditors must study the organization's reported records before inspecting the facilities to verify that it conforms to ISO 14001. In stage 2, the auditors will check whether activities comply with ISO 14001. They will gather audit evidence based on documented information observations, interviews and examinations.

Scheduling events prior to certification

You need to set a schedule for each activity, including internal audit and management review, ensuring you have sufficient time to perform and complete each phase of the project properly, without ending up rushing. A good way to do this is to formulate a Project Plan at the start of implementation.

Documentation Review

Ensure that all of your documented information has been updated and that no one in the organization uses outdated documentation. On the other hand, it is essential for all employees carrying out an operation to obey documentation that has been checked, accepted and communicated.

Check the proper working of the processes.

It might seem obvious, but a few people forget about this step before the certification audit takes place when performing tests within the organization. Ensuring that all procedures are followed and that processes are carried out as previously planned by the organization is critical for a successful certification audit.

Ensure the effectiveness of correct processes

Check that all non-conformities have been recorded and analyzed, and that corrective actions have been carried out effectively, and that corrections are finished before the certification audit. It is also recommended that you review past internal and external audits to ensure that the findings are addressed.

Prepare the workers to the qualification process.

Prepare the staff within the company need to recognize the organization's environmental policies and know what their environmental-protection obligations are. Furthermore, employees should be aware of the environmental goals, so they can contribute with their daily activities to achieving them.

And finally following these steps will ensure your IS0 14001 certification.