NAAC [National Assessment and Accreditation Council] ADVISORY & CONSULTANCY

What is National Assessment and Accreditation Council or NAAC Accreditation?

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an organisation that assesses and accredits higher education Institutions (HEIs) in India. It is an autonomous body funded by University Grants Commission of Government of India headquartered in Bangalore.

NAAC accreditation for colleges is an integral part of the functioning of higher education institutions in India. NAAC accreditation is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes in India and only NAAC-accredited universities in India are eligible for UGC grants.

NAAC Assessment and rating brings confidence about Quality of Education and Research at the accredited Institution/University.

Assessment to be conducted in the areas of Curricular Aspects of Scholastic Processes and Outcomes, Teaching Pedagogy and Linked Systems, Research Processes and Outcomes, Educational Resources and Infrastructure (adequacy, functionality and aesthetics), Scholars Support Systems and Outcomes, Governance, Leadership, and Management Processes and Outcomes, and Innovation Processes and Outcomes, Human Resources, Management, Administration, and Beneficiary Satisfaction.

Accreditation Facilitation rather than ranking the institution, will establish a level of acceptable quality for institutions while respecting the unique missions of the institutions involved.

The Importance and Advantages of NAAC Accreditation

NAAC accreditation is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes, particularly state universities. Without NAAC accreditation, universities are not eligible for UGC grants, RUSA grants, financial aid etc. On the other hand, NAAC accreditation determines the quality of the institute in terms of education, infrastructure, research, teaching & learning etc. Institutes with top NAAC grades such as 'A++', 'A+' and 'A' are most sought-after institutes, as they offer high-quality education. On the other, all the recognized institutes of UGC must apply for NBA/ NAAC/ any other accreditation after the completion of the first or second batch of courses.

  • NAAC accreditation helps the higher learning institutes to know its strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses through an informed review process.
  • NAAC identifies the internal areas of planning and allocation of resources.
  • NAAC accreditation will help funding agencies with objective data so that they can take a decision on the funding of higher learning institutes.
  • NAAC grade/ assessment will help educational institutes to initiate modern or innovative methods of pedagogy.
  • Recognized means to enable organizations to demonstrate commitment to education management practices in the most effective manner
  • A model for improvement to Stimulate excellence and innovation
  • Industry best practice, Quality of education is systematically improved.

Benefits of NAAC Accreditation for Students

NAAC grades and assesses higher learning institutes through a three-step process. All the universities and colleges affiliated to UGC are eligible for NAAC accreditation. However, it is the responsibility of the institutes to apply for NAAC accreditation. All the details pertaining to the NAAC accreditation process, performance indicators/ parameters, the grading system and re-assessment are elaborated below.

NAAC Grading Criteria & System

Cumulative Grade
Point Average
Letter Grade Status
3.51 - 4.00 A++ Accredited
3.26 - 3.50 A+ Accredited
3.01 - 3.25 A Accredited
2.76 - 3.00 B++ Accredited
2.51 - 2.75 B+ Accredited
2.01 - 2.50 B Accredited
1.51 - 2.00 C Accredited
<= 1.50 D Not accredited

NAAC assess the higher learning institutes based on the following parameters or indicators –

  • # Teaching-Learning & Evaluation
  • # Infrastructure & Learning Resources
  • # Research, Innovations & Extension
  • # Curricular Aspects
  • # Governance, Leadership & Management
  • # Student Support & Progression
  • # Institutional Values & Best Practices

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