Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA)

Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) is a system to control and maintain high standards in the field of Higher Education. It is playing vital role in providing quality education to the learners all over the world.

Academic Audit

Academic Audit is a mechanism to examine and enhance the quality of academic aspects of institutes of Higher Education. It is a systematic and scientific process of designing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing the quality of academic systems, i. e. inputs, processes and outputs.It emphasizes on reviewing the performance of the academic inputs with respect to quality assurance.

Administrative Audit

A method of assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the operating system of the administrative procedures, policies, decision- making authorities and functionaries, strategies, process, feedback, control mechanism and so on. The AA would certainly make the functionaries to ascertain the strength and weakness of the operating system in general and pin out the areas in particular, and to ascertain where the function is stagnated and affected, and where special attention is required along with man and material resources.

Aims and Objectives of AAA

  • The setting and maintenance of academic standards.
  • The quality of students’ learning opportunities.
  • Developments in quality enhancement
  • The need for greater integration between academic planning, research assessment and quality assurance
  • The recognition and use of the outcomes from professional association activities.
  • 6. The recognition of the importance of quality enhancement

NAAC Assessment and rating brings confidence about Quality of Education and Research at the accredited Institution/University.

Assessment to be conducted in the areas of Curricular Aspects of Scholastic Processes and Outcomes, Teaching Pedagogy and Linked Systems, Research Processes and Outcomes, Educational Resources and Infrastructure (adequacy, functionality and aesthetics), Scholars Support Systems and Outcomes, Governance, Leadership, and Management Processes and Outcomes, and Innovation Processes and Outcomes, Human Resources, Management, Administration, and Beneficiary Satisfaction.

Accreditation Facilitation rather than ranking the institution, will establish a level of acceptable quality for institutions while respecting the unique missions of the institutions involved.

Purpose of the Academic Audit

The purpose of the Academic and Administrative Audit is to evaluate the performance of the university departments, schools and the centers and appreciate their achievements and give suggestions for further improvement of the quality of teaching, research, administration, and curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The after visiting the departments, schools and centers, and interacting with the HODs/Directors/Coordinators, teaching and non-teaching faculties, students, alumni and parents and validating the data the committee would give valuable suggestions on the following points.

  • Availability of teaching and non-teaching faculty.
  • Infrastructural facilities available for carrying out academic and administrative activities.
  • Efforts taken for curricular development.
  • Teacher quality & Teaching methods adopted and use of ICT in teaching, learning process.
  • Feedback mechanism used for assessing the performance of teachers by students and for curricular development.
  • Faculty development programmes implemented by the department.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses. Opportunities and Challenges of the department.
  • Research facilities and research output in the form of publications and patents.
  • Computer, internet andlibrary facilities available.
  • Mentoring system, introduction of Remedial classes, Bridge courses, guidance for NET/SET and competitive examinations.
  • Skill development and personality development programmes.
  • Generation of funds and optimum utilization.
  • Evaluation methods adopted for internal and external examinations.
  • Future plans of the department.

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