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ISO 13485 Medical devices

Manage quality throughout the life cycle of a medical device.


PSQC, the leading Managemenst System and Accrediaiation Advisory consultants in quality assurance have a worthy experience in escorting the organizations and enterprises towards meeting the requisite standards and norms of quality. We have been offering very objective assistance and dynamic guidance to the companies & this makes the transition easy for the seeker! Hence the Managemenst Systems certification is earned as a deserving reward.


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ISO 9001 Certification is all about maintaining a robust management system and ensuring customer satisfaction. Successful businesses understand that satisfied customers feel more assured when dealing with certified business. ISO Standards help in attaining consistent performance and service and leads in continuously monitoring and managing performance in terms of delivery, product quality, departmental performance, etc. It is one of the best ways to implement processes to operate seamlessly at all levels. The basic concept of a Quality Management System is simple but the rewards are high.

Build customer confidence that your products are safe and reliable

Reduce costs across all aspects of your business

Gain market access across the world

Better Performance
Our expert consultants can help make real improvements to your management systems and your business. Our focus is on providing solutions that assist your business. We understand business and can help your business get a competitive edge.
Smart and Effective
In any consulting project too much project time can be time and resource wasting, it can lead to generating of overly complex processes and documents which may end up serving the purpose of the management system rather than the business itself. Our approach in consulting is to make sure clients are made aware of what the requirements are so they can develop minimum documentation first and then decide if they wish to raise the bar beyond this minimum level. We will only develop new documents if it is necessary and required by standard, or if they are of benefit to your client.
Simple and efficient
our professional consultants help organisations implement management systems that are simple with no unnecessary complications or documentation. Our consultancy service is focused on doing the essential activities required for certification and we will develop minimum documentation in order to compliance with standards. Therefore our price for consultancy is based on the minimum time and always is very competitive.
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We provide the most cost and time effective consultancy services, simply contact us and ask us for a quotation.

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With over 10 years of experience in the consulting industry, we are a name that is synonymous with reliable, professional solutions. We are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses towards bigger and better things, regardless of where they are in India. Our goal is to guide you towards ISO certification in a fast and cost-effective manner by developing a system that works for your specific needs.

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