What is FSC chain of custody?

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a non-profit organization. It has developed the most recognized scheme for sustainable forestry and traceability of forests products. CoC certification allows organisations to use the FSC logo on products increasing their marketability. All sizes and types of organization are able to apply for chain of custody certification. To achieve chain of custody certification, organizations must meet the FSC-STD-40-004 chain of custody certification standard

The standard

Providing specific requirements for a managed supply chain process, FSC CoC:

  • provides credible confirmation for products with environmentally and socially responsible sources to access the market.
  • verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified and non-controlled material as it makes its way along the supply chain, from the forest to the market
  • reduce the risk of material used in the manufacture of products being linked to practices that harm forests and people.
  • structures the way for an organization to improve its overall performance as part of its efforts towards sustainable development.
  • applies to all organisations, regardless of type, size, and product.

FSC certification allows for flexibility in sourcing by use of three labels for products permitting different composition, including FSC-certified forest material (FSC 100%), controlled wood and/ or reclaimed material

Why is FSC® COC certification important?

The FSC Chain of Custody certification assure customers that your company only uses legal source legally harvested materials and responsibly managed forests for its material. FSC is considered the most rigorous forest certification system. It also takes into account the protection of water quality, prohibiting the cutting of rare trees in the forest, averting the loss of natural forest cover and forbidding the use of highly harmful chemicals.

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification can also open up new business opportunities for your FSC Certified products in the markets. Major companies have established that they prefer FSC certified products, and consumers are asking for more FSC certified products in retail stores. Earning the FSC certification can open up new avenues of revenue and provide access to more markets.

The certification process

Certification by an independent third party assesses your supply chain system’s performance against the FSC CoC requirements. It identifies what works and improves the ability to manage and mitigate risks. This in turn provides confidence in your product internally and trust externally that you are ready to meet customer and legislative requirements, needs and expectations. The certificate issued by the certification body proves that your sourcing and supply chain system has been found compliant with FSC requirements.

What do we offer for FSC Certification for your organization?

With a team of highly qualified consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, PSQC assists organizations across the world to implement and achieve FSC certification. Our consultation approach is highly professional, time bound and effective resulting in ease of implementation and adds value to the business processes of the client’s organization.

We offer FSC training, implementation, consultation, gap analysis, documentation, internal audits, pre-assessment audits, certification audit through best of the certification bodies and post certification enhancement / maintenance services to enable your organization to get the best out of FSC management system. Our services are globally accepted, authoritative and benchmarked in the field of FSC

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